17. listopadu 2008 v 17:35 | Fishy |  O mně
Jen tak z nudy :-)

1. Do you have any big plans for November?
Not really, school stuff

2. What upcoming event are you most looking forward to?
Business trip to Ukraine

3. What was the last song you heard?
Malčik - Anglické jahody

4. Quote something from last night:
This little piggy named Burnett went to the market...

5. What time did you wake up today?

6. What does your last incoming text say?
Yes, I know kaki persimon

7. Is there a vase in the room you're in?
Two of them - wedding gifts

8. Any plans for today/this evening?
work out, write a review on a book, buy winter shoes, watch documents ad do some jigsaw puzzle

9. Have you recently been insulted?
Yes, Saturday I heard somebody commenting my large behind

10. What is the radio in your car tuned to at this exact moment?
Don´t have a car :-)

11. Compared to someone else of your age and gender; do you feel that you have a lot to offer someone?
yes and no

12. How many days a week do you work?

13. Are there people you feel more connected to than others?

14. Is there ONE person you feel more connected to than others?
for sure. my husband :-)

15. Are you more like your mother or your father?
Totally mom

16. Where did your eye color come from?
Dad - the one exception :-)

17. Describe the pants you are wearing:
panties :-)

18. Have you ever been in a recording studio?

19. The myspace picture you've had up the longest?
Not using this

20. Are any of your myspace pictures alcohol related?
no, but some of those here are

21. What is your worst relationship quality?
not being patient

22. What was your most recent serious injury?
broken ankle

23. What were you most recently happy about?
waking up next to my husband every day :-)

24. Are you happy with the way the Yankees are playing?
not american so i wouldn´t have a clue

25. Are you a fan of cake?
oh yeah!

26. What shirt have you not worn in a while that you would like to?
the new turtleneck from my friend

28. When was the last time you were hit on?
years ago, I suppose

29. What is the next concert you are going to and where are you seeing it?
After Tarja not much, I a afraid

30. Name someone you know who is most likely to be found at a bar on Wednesday night?
my brother, I think :-)

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