Simple Workouts For Busy Women

11. července 2008 v 7:36 | Fishy
To honor the busy women of the world, I've constructed a workout that's simple and quick. So if you're sick of all the "rules" related to what you should or shouldn't be doing concerning exercise and you feel inundated with career and family responsibilities, I have a solution. In addition to a workout, I've also provided suggestions for those who want even more alternatives based on their busy schedule. No hour-long sessions in the gym or long bouts of cardio and no living with the guilt of dreading the thought of exercise. Just a realistic alternative to all the "noise" in the world of fitness that makes us hate exercising.
No anatomy lessons today, simply something you can do in your living room. The only weight you'll need is your own body. This series of movements will take about 12 to 15 minutes. Yep, you are reading correctly. You can do them three to five times per week, and your entire body will be stimulated, and you'll feel rejuvenated. I've designed this routine so that one exercise stimulates multiple body parts; this way, you'll get the best bang for your buck in the least amount of time. Perform each exercise in succession. After completing one movement, immediately continue to the next one. After you've completed all the movements (one cycle), perform them one more time. Attempt 20 repetitions of each movement. Don't worry if you can't perform all the reps; it will come! I also recommend performing this routine first thing in the morning. You know and I know that after that, it may get too difficult to fit time in.

The 5 Diet Boosters You Need to Succeed!

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If you are like the majority of Americans, losing weight and getting in shape is probably at the top of your list of priorities. The problem is that it was also there last year... not to mention the year before. Dropping those extra pounds and keeping them off is a very difficult thing to do.
But there's no need to get discouraged! If you've abandoned your weight-loss efforts, now is the perfect time to get back on track. With a little help, you can make this the time that you finally achieve and maintain your ideal weight. When you are making a conscious attempt to slim down and shape up, there are a number of things you can do to make the process easier.
Obviously, adopting a healthy eating plan is the first key to slimming down. Whatever plan you choose, be sure to eat a nutritious balance of healthy foods and avoid skipping meals. You wouldn't expect to get the maximum performance out of your car if you filled it with inferior fuel -- or if you didn't put fuel in it at all. Treat your body the same way!
While eating nutritious foods in the proper portions is extremely important, it is not enough to help you win the battle of the bulge. If you are looking for other slimming solutions, here are 5 great diet boosters that can help you become a winner at weight loss.

Find Lasting Weight Loss

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The first things many women do when they want to lose weight is dramatically cut their calories and make a list of off-limit foods. Even with the best intentions, doing this is actually slowing down your metabolism and creating cravings. This results in more stored fat, and the eventual binge when cravings are finally too strong to ignore. Then there is the sense of failure and frustration due to feeling like you have fallen off the wagon. Determined to do better next time, the cycle begins all over again. Yo-yo dieting is a way of life for millions of Americans -- even though there is more than a 90-percent failure rate. Nutrition is the leading contributor to weight loss. It is imperative that you stay conscious of what goes into your body. The quality of food you eat is directly reflected in your body's appearance, as well as your overall health. No amount of exercise can counterbalance a poor diet.
Here are some recommendations for lasting weight loss:

7 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

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How many times have you wished that you could swallow a pill and wake up in the morning thinner? It would be really nice if such a pill existed, but it doesn't. So, with that in mind, what can we do for quick, easy and sure weight loss?
  1. Drink 64-plus ounces of water each and every day.
  2. Get cardio exercise EVERY day; gradually building to the point where you get a minimum of 30 minutes a day.
  3. Add fresh raw fruits and vegetables to your daily diet.
  4. Limit the "bulky" carbs: white flour, potatoes, cereal, etc.
  5. Identify the biggest obstacle you consistently face that stymies your weight loss and overcome it, rid yourself of it and banish it from your life forever!
Sound too hard? Seem impossible?
It isn't. The above mentioned 5 tips are really nothing more than a recipe for healthy living. You aren't food combining impaired. You aren't willpower deficient. Your weight is, in most cases, a direct result of what you are consuming and how much you aren't moving.

Peel Off the Pounds: 5 Strategies to Help You Succeed

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If you're ready to peel off the pounds, then get ready to partake in the most thriving and triumphant hustle of them all, health. Forget honesty and candor, it's time to dupe, double cross and swindle your way to dieting success. To succeed, you will have to learn to take advantage of certain foods, deceive your stomach and use the wisdom and knowledge of health experts.

Cellulite-Blasting Secrets

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Cellulite. An estimated 90 percent of women have it, experts say. And most women fear it. Can you get rid of it or not? And if you can zap it, how do you do it? We consulted two fitness experts who gave us the lowdown.

The 7 Most Overrated Foods

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There's a science to the art of making foods sound nutritious and appealing. Millions are spent on food advertising and marketing, so you need to be a smart and savvy consumer. Just because something sounds healthy, doesn't necessarily mean it's the best option. We've compiled a list of the seven most overrated foods. Read on and see... We bet you'll be surprised at some of the ones that made the list.

Speed Up Your Fat Loss!

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Have you been trying to lose body fat, but find it comes off at a snail's pace? Tired of losing a pound a month as you exercise and diet your brains out? If you're working out with efficiency and maintaining a slight caloric deficit, you can actually lose up to 1.5 pounds per week. Here's some metabolism-boosting tips that should help ignite some good, steady fat loss.

10 Fitness Myths Exposed!

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It's that time again. Time to dispel some of the prevailing fitness and nutrition myths -- oh and believe me, there are many. So pull up a chair, put aside your "lose 50 pounds by eating only grapefruit" article and open your mind for just a little while. You may disagree with these facts, but that's what keeps the myths alive. And, away we go…
MYTH: Women will get big if they weight train.
A woman has approximately one-third the testosterone compared to a man, so putting on a ton of muscle is not going to happen. The women you see in the magazines who look big and manly are on steroids, growth hormones, etc. You may look bulky if you're carrying excessive body fat and building muscle. However, if you're reducing body fat, you'll eventually be able to see those lean, defined muscles.

Motivation Vacation: Get Back on Track

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Motivation is funny. For one thing, it always seems to leave right in the middle of a good weight-loss program. You were doing so well. Then one day, you lost your motivation and you just didn't feel like working on it anymore.
Soon you start noticing your tighter pants or shortness of breath, and you desperately want to get back to your diet. But day after day, your good intentions slip away, and you can't figure out how to get motivated again.
It's interesting how when motivation is high, you feel energized, driven, focused and determined. Nothing gets in your way, and you always have the ability to push yourself and get things done.
But once you lose motivation, inertia takes over. You keep saying you want to change, but you can't seem to get yourself out the door. And grabbing a bag of chips seems so much easier than planning, measuring and cooking. So how do you get back to that wonderful place where motivation is strong and you easily stick with your program?

10 Fitness Tips For Beginners

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You want to begin eating right and exercising, but you have absolutely no idea where to begin. You're sort of scared. It is possible that you have never set foot in a health club and would almost rather not pursue this endeavor -- because it just seems so daunting. But, you know you must!

The Worst Celebrity Diets

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Trendy diets are fleeting; they come just as fast as they go. But last year, some of the craziest diets came to light and won't soon be forgotten, thanks to their celebrity supporters. There were so many bad diets, but we searched high and low to find candidates for our "worst celebrity diet hall of fame" for 2007. Here are the winners.

9 Ways to Feel Deliciously Sexy Now

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When was the last time you felt deliciously sexy? Been a while? We understand. In a world of deadlines, stress and size-0 models ambushing you from every cover, channeling your inner goddess can prove, well, difficult. If it's been a little too long since you've felt a little sassy, we've got you covered. Here are nine real-world way to feel sexy now!

Fab Abs: 10 Best Exercises!

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The first step is changing the way you view your ab work. Too many people are under the impression they're going to reduce their midsection. Abdominal exercises aren't going to reduce the area -- they actually develop the muscles. Another common mistake is that many people make is doing too much, too often, Raphael explains. "One of the biggest misconceptions that people make is that they need to work five or six days a week to get their abs looking good. They also think they have to perform 15 sets. In reality, the muscles are like any other muscle group that needs to recover from any type of workout in order to make progress. Your ab workout shouldn't take you more than 12 minutes, three days a week." Ironically, if you don't know what you're doing, you can actually do more harm than good. Take sit-ups for example. This popular ab-perfecting move can lead to back and neck injuries if you don't have proper form. Sit-ups also work more of the hip area than the abdomen, Raphael points out.
It's crucial to build strong ab muscles... and not just for aesthetic purposes. The core of the body is the abs and the lower back, which is the "center of the universe" on the body. "All of the strength of the rest of the body stems from the core," he says. "It also helps as far as improving balance and flexibility and reducing injury. Having weak abs and a weak lower back is an invitation for injury." In addition to working the abs with Raphael's 10 best ab exercises, he stresses the importance of healthy diet and regular cardio exercise. Before you can achieve a flat stomach, you need to reduce overall body fat.
Here the 10 most effective abdominal exercises. Raphael suggests that beginners start with the Ab Crunch and Reverse Ab Curl.

10 Biggest Beauty Mistakes

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We all make mistakes. If you think about it, most of us never got "beauty lessons" when we were younger and just got by on what we heard from our mothers, friends or magazine articles. Some of us are probably doing the same beauty routines from when we were 16 years old. However, times have changed, and what used to be sound skin care and cosmetic advice from 20 years ago may not hold true anymore. When is comes to beauty and fashion, there is no right or wrong, but it's always nice to have a little guidance. Remember, makeup is all about your personal expression and creativity. Of course it's also about maximizing your features and assets, but don't forget it's your own uniqueness that makes you beautiful. The following are the top 10 biggest beauty mistakes that women make today.

Current Cravings: Six Super Mall Snacks

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Early January has become the season for shopping-mall mania. It's now a tradition to return those gifts that were well-meant, but oh-so-wrong (Did Great Aunt Rose really think bright orange polyester pants would delight your fashionista soul?). And who can resist hunting for those "75 percent off already-discounted clothes" deals? But when you walk by the mall's food court, it's tempting to make this the season for unplanned snacking as well. Here's the math:
1 humungous cinnamon bun dripping with butter and icing+ 1 Paul Bunyan-sized mug of creamy hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and chocolate shaving= A day's allotment of calories (and a week's portion of saturated fat!)
As my 8-year-old nephew says when he sees his younger brother heading for trouble, "Uh uh, don't do it or you'll be sorrrrry!" Instead, get the 411 on how to enjoy healthy treats amidst the mall's food traps.

6 Cardio Fat-Burning Secrets

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If you have tried and failed at exercising more times than you care to count, you are not alone. In fact you are in the grand majority. I don't want you to feel bad or blame yourself. It's For example, simply start by alternating between walking and running. Walk for five minutes to warm up, and then run one minute, followed by two minutes of walking. Repeat the running and walking sequence for the duration of your workout. As you become more conditioned, decrease the length of low-intensity recovery periods (walking) and increase working intervals (jogging or running). (Caution: If you are a new exerciser, vary your walking speeds for intervals before introducing running).

10 Most Effective Exercises

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Let's face it: Some exercises are simply more effective than others. If you are going to make the effort to incorporate regular exercise into your life, then you want to get the most out of each workout session. In order to help you get in the best shape of your life, eDiets Chief Fitness Pro Raphael Calzadilla provides a top-10 list of the most effective exercises out there. You'll notice he didn't say the best. "I tend to get a lot of requests for the best exercises from people who are really just looking for a magic bullet" Raphael says. It does take hard work to get in shape. Raphael recommends people follow a healthy meal plan and adopt an exercise regimen that includes both cardiovascular activity and resistance training. He also reminds people to consult their personal physician before beginning any new exercise routine. Raphael believes certain exercises stand out in terms of overall effectiveness. Most of the exercises he selected involve compound movements, which impact multiple muscle groups. Though isolated movements are also good, Raphael believes performing exercises with compound movements can give you the best bang for your workout buck. "I also selected these exercises based on a balanced approach to overall fitness," Raphael says. "Most people are out of balance with regards to strength and levels of flexibility."

How Not to Look Fat: Model's Super Tips!

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Chances are, if you're a woman and you wear clothes, you've experienced, more than one torturous morning staring in the mirror in agony because you simply feel too fat to feel sexy. You realize that you should go to the gym and that you probably shouldn't have eaten that piece of birthday cake last week, but there's nothing you can do it about in the 20 minutes you have left to get ready before work. According to Danica Lo, author of How Not To Look Fat (HarperCollins), there are countless of simple tricks that will work wonders to magnify your "skinnifying potentials."

8 Secrets of Fat Loss (They Work!)

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I know the last thing on earth you want to look like is a bodybuilder. You're not interested in gaining a lot of muscle mass and you certainly don't want to feel or look bulky. However, bodybuilders have mastered the art of physique transformation -- and there is a lot that can be applied to anyone who wants to lose fat. Just about everyone who begins a fitness or fat-loss program wants to look good. That's the goal. Yes, they want to be healthier and they want more energy -- but most polls taken on the subject conclusively show that people want to look good in and out of clothes.
All things of value can be scaled to fit the goal, including bodybuilding concepts. Think about it for a moment. Forget the traditional way that you view the term "bodybuilding" and think of it more as a method of physical transformation. Now that your mind is open, I want to share some tips that bodybuilders use to get lean and fit. These tips can help you to really get the best looking body possible. No one will ever ask if you're a bodybuilder, but they will admire your tight and lean look.